Event Tech Inspiration for Your Next Event


Need a little event tech inspiration? Tech innovation is moving at lightning pace in 2017 and #EventProfs have a rapidly increasing range of potential products at their disposal to help them create memorable and unique events. From AI and VR to robots and NFC – the events industry is ready to go high tech and redefine the industry standard. Exciting times!

So, what are top #EventProfs doing with tech? Here are some of our favourite and most creative examples:

  1. Biometric Data Installation Art

Now that we can easily measure and analyse biometric data using relatively accessible technology, several companies are trying to work out what to do with it. Mountain Dew came up with one of the most creative projects when they teamed up with data analysts at Lightwave during the Dew Tour.

During the event, six members of the Dew Skate Team were hooked up to wristbands which measured their biometric data. The wristband measured heart rate, skin temperature and galvanic skin response. The data was then analysed by Lightwave’s algorithms and turned into digital displays on large LED screens to create installation art. The exhibition was aptly named ‘The Art of Doing’. During the 4 day event more than 4,000 people visited the installation pieces.

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  1. Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality have been huge news in the tech world for a few years now, and #EventProfs are jumping on the opportunity to add an experiential element to their events. Last year, Diesel celebrated the opening of their new flagship store with a multi-sensory, 5D experience. To promote their fluffy clothing line, they created a VR experience that used CGI and 3D binaural sound to transport visitors to a world in which fluffy characters strutted the catwalks and sped down ski slopes. But they didn’t stop there – to engage all 5 senses visitors were also invited to make themselves comfortable in furry monster seats, feel the wind on their face (thanks to an in-store wind machine) and enjoy the scent of candyfloss.

Several of our clients have asked us for virtual reality integration in our mobile event apps. Noodle Live are excited to confirm that we have now teamed up with Zappar, the user-friendly augmented reality creator. Within the next few months, we will be able to start offering augmented reality experiences to our clients and their delegates, all via our apps for events. Watch this space.

  1. The Cupcake ATM

Data + sugar + cool tech. What’s not to love? Sprinkles cupcakes created the world’s first cupcake ATM. Using touchscreen technology Sprinkles found a way to stay open all night long and satisfy late night cupcake cravings with their automated ATM. Simply swipe your credit card, choose your cake and wait for your purchase to be delivered. The added bonus? Sprinkles gathered loads of great data about cupcake preferences and typical consumer so that they could better meet the needs of their future customers too.

  1. RFID Badging Systems to Create Delegate Groups

We may be biased, but we love RFID badging systems. We’re constantly finding new ways to use the tech to meet client’s needs. At a recent event, a client asked us to help group people as they arrived. They needed groups of 20 people on a first-come, first-served basis. Our RFID registration team were able to assign people to teams as they arrived by adding a simple data point to their badge. The process took seconds and meant guests could begin their experiential activity immediately with minimal waiting times. This could be used to create teams for treasure hunts, to group delegates for priority events or to reward people for early arrival times and gamify your event.

  1. Gamifying Your Event

Speaking of gamification…2017 is the year of the gamified event. We’ve been working closely with clients to help use event tech to created gamified experiences. For one of clients, we’ve created a fully gamified environment. Delegates will be able to move around the event, using their RFID name badge to perform actions such as signing up for seminars, exchanging contact information with exhibitors, networking and using the cloakroom. We assigned specific points to certain actions, so delegates will accrue points with every interaction. At the end of the day, you will be able to see a list of all the attendees and see who the most interactive delegates were. #EventProfs can offer prizes or display a leaderboard to incentivize people to engage with more exhibitors.

  1. BizBash Chatbot Called Betty

Chatbots are one the hottest pieces of new tech in the events world at the moment. A Chatbot can act as a virtual concierge, greeting guests and reducing the need for staffed information points. If they’re programmed correctly, a chatbot can usually answer more questions at a faster rate than a human member of staff.

At this year’s BizBash Live in Florida, the company introduced their delegates to Betty, the friendly bot with all the answers. Betty was powered by tech from Sciens.io and included a simple Q&A interface. Delegates were able to text their questions to Betty at any time during the event and she would respond within minutes. She managed to field more than 1,630 questions from attendees. At Noodle Live, our RFID badging systems allow you to create personalised information points throughout your events. Delegates can simply tap their RFID name badge to access loads of really useful information including personal schedules, session times and venue maps.

  1. Run the Tube

Asics wanted to create an experiential event that encouraged people to get off the tube and into a pair of trainers. The event was designed to promote their sponsorship of the IAAF World Championships for 2017. Working with marketing firm Edelman, they created an art installation called ‘Run the Tube.’ 20 LED tubes set out over 85 meters were installed to allow participants to run the tube instead of riding it. Lights, sounds and images were used to create a fully multi-sensory experience.

At Noodle Live, we use RFID badging systems and mobile apps for events to help #EventProfs host better events and gather more data about the delegate experience. Want to know more? Stop by at Noodle Towers for a quick cup of tea and a chat or contact us on @NoodleLive

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