What Does Google Glass Mean for Event Organisers?


Google Glass is a set of glasses that allows you to do everything you would normally do on your smartphone using voice instructions and a screen that appears right in front of your eyes as an extra layer on top of the “real world.” From sending messages and getting directions to translating your voice into other languages, it’s an exciting glimpse into the hands-free future that awaits us.



Yet to hit the consumer market and currently only in the hands of developers and select early adopters, it nonetheless has serious game-changing potential for event organisers. Let’s fast-forward a few years to when Google Glass and its competitors have become commonplace and take a look at some of the ways your event might have changed.



For Exhibitors

The chance to get new product information into the hands of customers just got way easier. A potential buyer wearing Google Glass stops by your booth and asks to see a demo – but it’s not just her who gets to watch. She’s connected with decision makers and influencers back at the office who can see what’s happening, ask questions and make purchasing decisions on the spot.


For now, Google doesn’t allow apps that are capable of recognizing the faces of people the wearer encounters. But in the future the headset could work as a discreet, turbocharged CRM, letting you instantly see who you’re talking to and any interactions you’ve had in the past as soon as they approach your booth. You know straight away when you’ve got a hot lead on your hands, and it’s easy to alter your sales strategy to match the stage they’re at in the buying cycle.



For Speakers

You no longer need to divide your attention between the audience and your notes. Wearing Google Glass, you’re able to see prompts without ever turning away from the crowd. You’ll also be able to capture POV video that you can use to study the audience reaction afterwards.


‘OK Glass, Presentation Please’


You also field questions from the audience without missing a beat and see reactions from Twitter as your talk progresses – although caution, this might get a little distracting!


With every audience member decked out in Google Glass, the potential to create dynamic presentations that don’t rely on a projector screen is huge. No more worries that the people at the back won’t be able to see your slides!



For Attendees

Event apps of the future will have full Google Glass integration. From the moment you step into the venue you can see where everything is thanks to the floor plan laid out for you. You can set reminders for the speaker sessions you want to see, check out what’s trending and take pictures of your experience – all without missing a beat when you’re networking with your peers.


The most exciting thing about Google Glass for event attendees is that gathering information, contacts and content as you experience the event becomes even easier. Wearing a device like Google Glass means you’re able to remain pay attention to all the good stuff that being at event brings, whilst still building up your digital database for later on.


(Bonus: You hands stay free to gather more coffee, snacks and swag!)



For Event Organisers

Google Glass could make hands-free event organisation a reality. With you and your team equipped with Google Glass, troubleshooting and sharing information becomes instant. This means you can direct people to any issues without having to pause for breath.


You’ll also be able to monitor social media, field emails and capture footage. You’ll get a birds-eye view of the event whilst still being able to be present on the floor to get that all-important face time with people on site.


You might need to add one more role to your list of volunteer responsibilities – who’s going to man the “Glass Check” at exclusive events or in the Green Room for those moments when your high-profile guests or speakers need a break?


Will the ‘Glass Check’ be as common as the charging station at the events of the future?


We’ve written about reducing cognitive overhead and the need for event apps that augment real-life interactions instead of distracting with complex tech. Google Glass lets people focus on what’s really important to them at events, without having to bury their nose in their smartphone every five minutes!



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