5 Things We Learned at Event Tech Live


Missed #ETL17? Never mind, Team Noodle were there, taking loads of notes, asking all the tough questions and fidgeting around with fidget spinners. We love the buzz and excitement at Event Tech Live, plus, we’re self-confessed Geeks, so we’re happy to find any excuse to play with new tech products and talk about the benefits of RFID and NFC all day long. Here are 5 of the best things we learned this year:

  1. NFC-Enabled Event Apps Have Launched


Well, OK, so we did know this already because we are the ones launching the first ever NFC-enabled event app, but still, it was a pretty exciting announcement! Our founder Clemi Hardie took to the stage at Event Tech Live to demo the new app, which allows delegates to collect content, gather contact details, and check-in for sessions, simply by tapping their smartphone at a smart poster touch point. Basically, you get all the benefits of RFID name badges directly from your very own device. The apps are supported on iOS and Android and are available immediately. Find out more about NFC event apps here.

  1. Picture Polling Exists, and It’s Great

picture polling

Our friends at Glisser have launched picture polling, and it’s pretty awesome. Taking audience response to the next level, Glisser now allow users to upload images or animated GIFs and ask audience members to vote on them. Check out some cool examples of picture polling in action.

  1. Display Screens Have Upped Their Game

Transparent O-LED Screens from DBpixelhouse on Vimeo.

We thought we’d seen it all when it came to tweet walls, video displays and touch-screen tech, but the amazing tech-heads over at DB Systems have gone next level. At Event Tech Live we were fascinated by their see-through display screens and awesome interactive games. Create beautiful visuals without obscuring the rest of your stand. The screens can display HD content and can alternate between see-through and solid, meaning you can do all kinds of cool tricks with them.

  1. Gamification Is One of the Year’s Biggest Trends in Event Technology 

We’ve been receiving an increasing number of requests for gamification via our event tech systems, and we even managed to gamify a recent event using point systems and league tables with our RFID name badges. Delegates loved it and engagement levels were through the roof. Gamification was one of the biggest buzzwords at #ETL17. We heard it mentioned in almost every presentation and demo we attended. Life’s a game! We love gamification and hope it continues to be a big trend in event technology.

  1. No Event Structure? No problem


Need to add extra rooms, spaces or walls to your event space? Don’t have any indoor space at all? No problem. Evolution Dome offer inflatable domes, walls, pods and structures to help you transform any space in an instant. At Event Tech Live, we attended a round table discussion in a cosy Evolution Dome. Genius!

Want to know more about the benefits of RFID and NFC for events? Give us a call to book yourself in for a free demo!

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