The 9 Most Exciting Ideas for Using an NFC Smart Poster


Heard about NFC event apps?

At Noodle Live, we’ve recently launched a brand new innovation in event tech – NFC enabled event apps. It might sound complicated, but the idea is actually really simple, and it promises to make event tech systems much cheaper and easier to implement.

So what are NFC-enabled event apps?

Simply put, they turn your smartphone (iPhone or Adroid) into a simple tap and interact device. That means you can perform all of the actions you could previously perform using an RFID name badge, using your phone. Instead of tapping your name badge onto a screen, you simply tap your phone on a smart poster and see the relevant information displayed on your phone screen. Genius – even if we do say so ourselves. Best of all, the posters are quick and affordable to create, which dramatically reduces the time and cost of creating a connected environment.

Need a little more info? Check out our video guide to NFC event apps:

NFC event apps could transform the event environment, allowing more people to connect and helping #EventProfs gather loads of really useful data about their event. That data can be a huge help when it comes to demonstrating ROI and justifying marketing spend.

So, what actions can you activate using an NFC-encoded poster? The list is pretty much endless and is only limited by your imagination. We’ll be adding new suggested features all the time, so get in touch if you have an idea or want to see if something might be possible using an NFC event app. For now, here are some of our favourite uses of NFC smart posters:

  1. Registration

Imagine a typical event registration. Typically, there will be loads of screens and devices to help delegates sign-in on arrival. With an NFC system, all of that could be replaced by simple smart posters. NFC event apps can be used to run registration at conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and live events. All delegates need to do is tap their phone on a smart poster as they arrive – they’ll be registered and ready to go within seconds. As well as a super-efficient registration service, organisers will also get access to real time data about arrivals and who is still to come.

  1. Personalised Welcome Messages

Want to personalise the event experience for your delegates? Using an NFC event app, it’s possible to display personalised welcome messages each time a guest checks-in. All they need to do is tap their phone on a smart poster as they arrive and they will get a personal message on the screen of their smartphone. The message can include details such as their name, recommended sessions or exhibitors and suggestions of things to see or do at the event. This offers great sponsorship opportunities and can also drive footfall to specific sessions or areas.

  1. Swap Contact Details

Want to make networking as quick and easy as possible for your guests? With an NFC event app they can simply tap their phone on an information point or another person’s phone in order to add their contact details. No need for business cards. Just tap and go!

  1. Collect and Download Documents

Goodbye paper handouts. Just like with our RFID name badges, our NFC event apps allow guests to tap their phone as they enter a session or visit a stand in order to gather documents, session notes or further information. All of the documents gathered during the event will be stored within the event app so they can easily be accessed and sorted at a later date.

  1. Get Wifi Details for the Venue

Not sure how to get wifi information out to your guests? Why not put up posters at registration and around your event that allow guests to simply tap their phones in order to grab the wifi details and get online instantly?

  1. Cashless Payments

Confused by NFC and how it actually works? Don’t be, because in actual fact, you’re probably already using it without even knowing. NFC is the tech that powers Apple Pay, which allows you to pay for items, simply by tapping your phone at a payment point. NFC event apps can use the same tech to allow guests to pay for items within your event without the need for cash. 

  1. Check In to Sessions

Just like checking-in to enter the event, guests can also register and check-in for individual sessions and seminars simply by tapping their phone on a poster as they enter. Session posters can be encoded to instantly transfer session notes or documents to the event app at the point of check-in too, so guests can follow along during the talk or check back at a later date. For #EventProfs, session check-in also allows you to access really valuable data about who attended which seminars, which seminars were most popular and how crowds move around the event space. Speakers and exhibitors can also access information about who attended their seminars, which could become really valuable sales leads.

  1. Personalised Information Points

Want to help guests find the information they need and navigate the event space? Add information posters around the event and allow guests to simply tap in order to bring up useful information including venue maps, personalised schedules or recommendations for upcoming sessions based on their preferences. Guests love personalised information and it makes the whole event feel a lot more friendly too.

  1. Drinks Tokens

Want to offer your guests a set number of free drinks from the event bar? You can pre-charge individual event apps with tokens for free drinks. Guests simply tap their phone at the bar and one token will be removed from their account. You can set the number of drink tokens for specific individuals, for everyone at the event or for specific groups. So, who’s getting the next round in then?

Interested in seeing our NFC event apps in person? We love giving live demos of our tech. Just give us a call over at Noodle Towers and we can set up a session!


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