8 Ways Technology Changed Conferences Forever

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Here at Noodle Live we know more than most how technology has dramatically changed our lives over the last 10 years: but have you ever stopped to think specifically how? Do you remember what things used to be like? Or if you weren’t around then, here’s a little vision of the past – before iBeacons, RFID badges, iPhones and SnapChat…


Getting There

Since the launch of the first Sat Nav, getting to an event has never been easier. And, if you don’t have a TomTom, at least 10 friends will be able to lend you one. Oh, and you’ve probably got one built into your phone too. No excuses for not finding the exhibition centre now. Google Maps have even mapped inside some shopping malls – if only there was similar for events…


Phrase you won’t hear: Well I thought the NEC was in Birmingham, but we’ve gone round the Bullring 5 times now. Ask that bloke there.



TomTom changed events - Noodle Live blog

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Talking About The Event

If the #2014conference you’re at doesn’t have a hashtag, it’s probably not worth talking about. As well as you knowing the opinions of others at the event, colleagues back in the office can keep up with what’s happening via Twitter – and from the comfort of their own swivel chair. Plus, you don’t have to explain so much when you get back.


Phrase you won’t hear: So talk me through everything that happened…



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Approaching People

These days if you see a really inspirational speaker at the lectern then you needn’t be shy about telling her so. No need to wait around backstage hoping to catch a quick word, her Twitter handle is emblazoned across the flatscreen TV alongside the podium. Tell her how great she is, tell her now, and keep it to 140 characters.


Phrase you won’t hear: I… erm, just wanted to say… erm… I thought that your…



Introducing yourself at an event - Noodle Live blog


Note Taking

Frantically scribbling all the words and graphs down off the OHP, or even the Powerpoint (erm, you have heard of Prezi, right?) before it changes to the next one, ah those were the days. Thankfully most presentations are now downloadable or uploaded to Slideshare to save you the pain of circle-scribbling your ballpoint back to life.


Phrase you won’t hear: I think I’m getting cramp in my little finger.



Note Taking at events - Noodle Live blog

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Now we still love a good clipboard, but there’s a certain type that are on their way to extinction. With a hastily Sellotaped pencil or Bic Cristal on the clip, you’ve surely encountered enough lists of names, addresses and telephone numbers to fill a Thomson’s Local telephone directory (yes, they still exist). Some stalls still have them but they’re looking increasingly outdated next to new collection methods such as Mailchimp’s Chimpadeedoo email sign-up.


Phrase you won’t hear: Excuse me, the sheet’s not wide enough to fit my email address.



Clipboards at events - Noodle Live blog



The Name Rings A Bell…

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have enabled us to look up potential contacts, mutual friends and business partners before we’ve even met them. We can see everything from what they look like, to their job title, out-of-work interests and what they chose from the buffet during the lunch break. Great for those who easily forget a face.


Phrase you won’t hear: You know Steve, don’t you? Steve Andrews? Steve. From Bristol. Works in marketing at Xerox. Always got deals on his photocopiers. Steve. No? I’m sure you’ll know him by sight.



Quasimodo, that name rings a bell - Noodle Live blog


What Steve From Xerox Got From The Buffet

Once upon a time at events we had to ask for images of everything we saw, only the more forward planning among us might bring a disposable camera. Now it’s just point and click with your phone, although some exhibitors aren’t too keen. What’s more, you can easily share the photo (and add a disposable camera filter) on Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and more.


Phrase you won’t hear: Damn! Wish I’d brought my camera. Do you have any images of that please? Or a pamphlet?



Steve from Xerox at the buffet

Image Credit: etelinia

Carrying Half A Forest’s Worth Of Print

Enter the arena with an excited spring in your step, leave with the leaden hooves of a tired, old pack horse. Of course paper hasn’t been totally eradicated, but conferences, exhibitors and events using the Noodle Live app can now get close. Whether you’re collecting contact cards or origami swans you’ll find them ready and waiting for you, accessible from your phone, tablet or computer – a viable, tree-friendly alternative to the armfuls of paper you would normally accumulate. Just as long as people still hand out sweeties.


Phrase you won’t hear: I’m going to have to head back to the hotel first to drop off all these product catalogues.



cut down on paper at events, save forests



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