App of the Month – Rotten Wifi


If you have great wifi then the probability of us being your friend increases by 87%.


As an event technology company we need good wifi to do our job well and when we hear that a conference venue has 100mbps for 2,000 simultaneous connections then we just can’t wait to invite them on a date, grab a box of popcorn and stream high-def movies on Netflix.


If the wifi isn’t good, well… there’s probably not going to be a second date, sorry. Our App of the Month for May is Rotten Wifi, and it may well be the Tinder of wifi hook-ups and help you avoid the bad wifi we dread!



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Rotten Wifi – What is it?

Rotten Wifi want to “encourage people to fight back against poor WiFi and 3G connections, giving them the opportunity to express their emotions with nifty phrases and sarcastic caricatures as well as providing a forum to share recommendations for spots with higher performing internet so that crappy connection becomes a thing of the past.”

Sounds like a noble cause, done with a generous helping of wit – we’re in.



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Why use it?

Log in and find out who has a superfast connection nearby, choose the coffee shop, restaurant, pub or McDonald’s with the fastest speed and go get some work done.


Think that the wifi in your hotel, local café or airport is rubbish? Log in, run a speed test and name and shame! Your information could help others avoid a similar slow, painful virtual death.


According to the level of irritation a customer feels, the Rotten WiFi app presents an appropriate level of annoyed text and a sarcastic caricature to reflect the nature of the network connection.


Rotten WiFi promises that the selection of caricatures available will be regularly updated to make sure that frustration always sounds fresh and catches attention of internet providers.


And of course Rotten WiFi app provides the possibility to share this sarky info across social networks – Twitter, Facebook, G+, Foursquare and via e-mails. This creates a forum for generating feedback regarding the internet service people receive so hopefully the complaints won’t fall on deaf ears.






So tell me more…

According to the Rotten Wifi blog, during the App’s first month on the App Store over 60,000 tests were run using the app. People have checked and tested 79 different hotels in 42 countries and 19 airports in 16 countries.


The results revealed that among the hotels the highest recorded speed was in The Business Inn, Canada with 23.2 Mbps for download and 32.2 Mbps for upload.


Among airports, Vilnius Airport, Lithuania was unrivalled with recorded download speed of 19.0 Mbps and upload speed of 42.0 Mbps.




Image Credit: Vilnius Airport




Should I download it?

Although the app is gaining users quickly, it’s still a little bit light on reviews, but this should only improve. If you’re someone who regularly works, Skypes or streams Breaking Bad in cafes around the world then it should definitely make your life a little bit better. Plus you can feel that you’re contributing to the happiness of the world by telling them where to avoid or go to.


We think it’s a great idea and will be using the app to rate all the conference and events venues we go to in the coming months.


So why not be a good wifi ambassador in your city? Get on board early and download it here.


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