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It’s Sunday, you’re bored, you don’t really know what to do. Can’t someone just make a suggestion? Urgh, can’t be bothered… We might have stumbled upon just the app for you this month – Hype.



Hype? What is it?

According to Hype: ‘The best around you right now!’
And here’s their video, which repeats that:





More and more apps are using push notifications to connect with and keep users engaged. Some aren’t so great at it, we get annoyed and turn them off – but what if those notifications were nice updates about what’s happening in your local area? A sort of omnipresent local tour guide if you will. That’s what we think it is – which we hope is a little more descriptive.


Noodle Live App of the Month - Hype - PushNoodle Live App of the Month - Hype - Intro Noodle Live App of the Month - Hype - Intro2



Why use it?

You know when you get a text from a friend saying, ‘I’m somewhere cool and something amazing is happening – you would SO love it!’ Wouldn’t it be great to know about that before they rub your face in it!


Hype tells you what’s going on in the local area, from gigs and art fairs to events and conferences. It tells you about cafes, restaurants, bars, spas and cleverly includes special offers at some of them. It also likes to mention the weather whenever possible and adapts suggestions of what you might like to do accordingly – Beautiful Sunday? Visit Columbia Road flower market; Raining cats and dogs? Hide away in this cosy pub for a roast.


Columbia Road

Image Credit: Wanton Flavours




So tell me more…

Hype send approximately 3 or 4 push notifications to your phone a day, which can feel like one too many, but it’s never more than a short sentence and you can just ignore it. Crucially, most of the time the notifications really do tell you about interesting stuff and it’s all within a stone’s throw of you so it all feels relevant.


When you go through to the app itself you reach an ever updating stream of what’s happening in the local area.


With great design and strong image led content, the app is a joy to look at often feeds you extra images or video about an item in the stream and a couple of taps gets you a map and ability to forward info via email or twitter.



Noodle Live App of the Month - Hype Screenshot 1Noodle Live App of the Month - Hype Screenshot 2Noodle Live App of the Month - Hype Screenshot 3





Should I download it?

If you live or work in or around Shoreditch, get it now. If not, you’ll have to wait unfortunately. Being trendy trendsetters in London’s trendy East London, we at Noodle Live are lucky enough to be able to use Hype on a daily basis already – and it is super cool. It might be a little while before it hits other parts of the UK though, but fingers crossed it won’t be long for this innovative little helping hand.



ps If you want a real local tour guide around East London – we thoroughly recommend Old Map Man – aka Ken Titmuss – who imparts a lot of historical knowledge about London in the past for just a tenner. Wonderful! Here’s his website.



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