Best Of The Internet – 11 Childhood Photos Awesomely Recreated


This wonderfully simple idea – to recreate moments from the past, with the same people, many years later – is spreading across the world and some people have gone to fantastic lengths in order to get that winning photo. Notice the faithfully recreated pieces of clothing and visits to the exact spot that photos were taken in.


Here are 10 of our favourites:


1. The height order may have changed, but these guys got this bang on!

Image Credit: MSN




2. When Superman’s Mum still had to get in the phone box to help him change





3. Batman (men?) is on to the same trick though




4. At what age did doing this with your top stop being acceptable?

Image Credit: iVillage




5. Because sometimes, you just don’t want to put all your dinner IN your mouth…




6. Very cute, looks like the museum got a refurbishment too

Image Credit: iVillage




7. Are they the same boots? We really hope they are!

Image Credit: iVillage




8. Once you got it, you never lose it. Strike a pose.

Image Credit: iVillage




9. In a slight twist, we love this one of a puppy, all grown up!

Image Credit




10. Even comedian, Jimmy Carr has got in on the act.

Image Credit: Mighty Lists




11. We think this is our favourite though…

Image Credit: Mighty Lists



We’d love to know if anyone has tried this themselves?! Give us a shout!


Thank you Internet.

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