Cake of the Month: Great White Shark Attack Cake


So last month we showed you the amazing Playable Angry Birds Cake that father, Mike Cooper had made for his son, Ben. Well, after the success of his airborne avian creation then the next year Mike turned his hand to the depths of the sea! With this wonderful Great White Shark Attack Cake. As intended, very reminiscent of the film, Jaws.


jaws film posterImage Credit:

Now you might think that this could be a traumatising moment for a little boy, but you’d be very wrong!


great white shark birthday cakeImage Credit:




Just as Ben was able to ‘play’ the Angry Birds cake, this year he was able to reach inside the shark – being very careful not to touch the very sharp (sugar paste) teeth – deep into his stomach and see what he could retrieve… Lots of sweets and goodies!


Reach in the shark

Jaws is made predominatly of tangy lemon drizzle cake and lots of icing and looks relatively simple to do yourself. You’ll need to be handy with a saw to create the board too though. Have a watch of the video for some tips and also to see Ben and his friend enjoying the game and the cake.


You can find Mike on twitter @Coopinho


Until next time, keep an eye out for some amazing creations and let us know if you see something we’d like to eat or just have a jolly good look at!

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