Best of the Internet August 2015

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At Noodle Towers, when we’re not busy making apps for events and conferences and the like, we enjoy a bit of down time looking at cat pictures online.

While we’re hunting for the best moggies, we stumble upon all kinds of strange and wonderful things. We’ve trawled through blogs and social media watching hours of ‘viral’ videos and exploring endless memes and pictures of Vladimir Putin so that you don’t have to.

Here’s our pick of the best of the internet from August 2015:


Pampers made #PooFace a thing

What’s your #pooface? Pampers had one of the month’s most shared ads online when they introduced a video that showed babies making their best #pooface. Nice!


We all developed a phobia of Burbu

His name is Burbu, he represents an Argentian soap-suds company called Drive, and you do not want to encounter him in a dark alleyway.Burbu1Apparently, his animated form is adorable and fluffy.





But when he comes to life, it’s every man for themselves. His social media series, which seems to be themed ‘selfies with unsuspecting children’, has had people running for the hills. You’ll never look at your washing machine the same again.





 Bart Simpson Made a Music Video


And Jazzy Jeff was involved! Hello 1994, it’s so, so good to see you

How can we work this into the soundtrack for our apps for event venues?


A Scottish mother accidentally ordered a cake with a ‘wee blind girl’ on top


‘Honey, I ordered you an adorable birthday cake with a wee blonde girl on top! Oh wait…’

Damn you auto-correct!




Turkish President vs Partridge

President Recep Erdogan took on the animal kingdom and lost when he tried to release some birds at the opening ceremony of a local mosque in his hometown. This could be the new ice bucket challenge we’ve all been waiting for. Clemi Hardie, we’re looking at you for the next Turkey face plant.




Seen something funny online? Send it to us at @NoodleLive so we can feature it in next month’s round up (and entertain ourselves when we take a break from making apps for event and conferences).