Best of the Internet: August’s Best Tech News for #EventProfs


You can’t summarise everything that happens on the internet in one month, obvs, but Team Noodle are willing to give it a go.

We spend most of our time helping #EventProfs create fantastic apps for events and conferences. We’re also total geeks. So, in our down time, we love hunting about for all the latest tech gadgets and imagining exactly how they could be used at events. So get ready #EventProfs, here are the latest weird and wonderful tech innovations and announcements that we think you should know about:

Turn Everyone Into a Music Maker: MashMachine

Screen shot 2016-08-23 at 15.44.07

What is it? This machine beautifully gamifies DJ-ing. Anyone can be the DJ at your next event, simply by moving and placing blocks on an intuitive screen. Up to 4 players can make music at one time and they don’t have to have any experience of musical ability. The music they make is always guaranteed to sound good.

What makes it awesome? It’s really, really fun! Everyone secretly wants to be a DJ, and this machine is designed to be playful and fun to make sure that they can’t fail.

Any downsides? Queues around the MashMachine tend to get pretty heavy as everyone wants to have a go.

Why should #EventProfs be paying attention? Because people love having things to do at an event. This machine is great entertainment and it’s pretty unique so far. If you want to get people on the dance floor this is a pretty cool way to go about it.

Sell Your Extra Food To Paying Customers: Too Good To Go

Screen shot 2016-08-23 at 14.41.09

What is it? Too Good To Go is like the anti-uber. It connects you with restaurants that have food that will go to waste and allows you to go and collect it just before the restaurant closes. Food starts at as little as £2 with a maximum charge of £3.80.

What makes it awesome? Cheap food for you, less food waste for the planet

Any downsides? Users have to stick to restricted times when they can pick up their food and they can’t choose what they get before they commit.

Why should #EventProfs be paying attention? You could offer your extra meals for sale through Too Good To Go to reduce the amount of waste from your kitchen and produce extra revenue (plus some great PR opportunities).

Instagram Reveals a New Event Channel 

Instagram events channel

What is it? Instagram has been exploring video streaming in a clear move to attract users of SnapChat to their channel. This month they took it one step further and announced the launch of a video channel that is exclusively set up to stream video from events.

What makes it awesome? Audiences can get front row seats to the best concerts, sporting events and live shows.

Any downsides? At the moment it’s only available in the US, but that will likely change soon.

Why should #EventProfs be paying attention? Don’t be limited by ticket sales, offer front row seats to your events to people around the world. You’ll boost the profile of your events whilst also increasing the value of sponsorship opportunities.

Speaking of Live Streaming: Mevo

Mevo camera for smartphone

What is it? Mevo is a tiny camera that attaches to a smartphone to turn it into a professional video editing suite at your finger tips. Zoom in, pan out and cut video with single click buttons.

What makes it awesome? Mevo is programmed to make editing idiot-proof and instantaneous. Simply click on the main subject of your video and Mevo will find the best shot automatically and in seconds.

Any downsides? It’s still fairly expensive at $399 and if the lighting isn’t good quality then the picture can be blurred. With good lighting the picture quality is excellent. Sound quality also varies.

Why should #EventProfs be paying attention? This is the perfect tool for live streaming at events. It fits in your pocket and is very user-friendly. Live streaming is only going to grow in popularity over the next few years as Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook continue to explore the medium.

Turn Yourself Into a VR Character: Mindshow

Mindshow virtual reality

What is it? Mindshow allows you to create virtual reality video game worlds and to create a character using your own body and voice. Basically, you get to be the character in a VR video game and to see yourself living with a variety of crazy parallel worlds.

What makes it awesome? See yourself as a video game character. All your childhood dreams come true.

Any downsides? It’s currently still in preview and is only available in the US, but the company are gaining funding all the time and are likely to expand soon, so watch this space.

Why should #EventProfs be paying attention? VR is one of the biggest trends in event technology this year, and playful twists that allow people to interact in new ways are gold dust. Every #EventProf should be keeping an eye on the latest innovations in VR to make sure they stay ahead of the game and bring their attendees and clients the most cutting edge tech.

See Yourself As a Hologram: Holovit

Holovit personal hologram

What is it? Speaking of cutting edge innovations that will be fun for your attendees, Holovit have created technology that allows you to create instant hologram images. Turn videos into instant free-floating holograms in minutes. Create holograms of yourself or watch videos via the hologram screen.

What makes it awesome? Feeling like you’re living in the future.

Any downsides? Ok, so these ‘holograms’ aren’t really free-floating. They need a transparent screen to appear on, but with a bit of trickery, you can easily hide the screen and make it look awesome.

Why should #EventProfs be paying attention? Turning your guests into hologram images = social media gold. 

Make Your iPhone Flash When You Get a Text 

What is it? Not a product, but a super-useful life hack for #EventProfs who want to know when they’re getting messages but who don’t want to risk disturbing key note speakers in the middle of their big address.

What makes it awesome? Anyone can do this using their current iPhone.

Any downsides? It’s pretty draining on your battery life.

Why should #EventProfs be paying attention? Never miss a message again, no matter how silent you need to be.

Did we miss an awesome tech innovation that #EventProfs would love? Let us know @NoodleLive and we’ll take a break from making our apps for events to check it out. 

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