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Here’s 10 fun things from around the Internet we’ve seen saw over the last month:

1. Turtles twerking in the shower have given us a new way to lighten the office mood. If you’re stressed, just do the turtle dance!


2. Thousands of people were ‘virtually high-fiving’ at the Ryder Cup. One hundred thousand visitors were provided with an RFID-enabled ‘Ryder Cup Experience Wristband’ – virtual high five to them!


3. These 18 Animals Are Totally Ready For Winter. Awwwwwww.


Horses wearing jumpers

4. We’re having all our meetings at breakfast from now on; breakfast meetings have been proven to be a winner for productivity – and our love of Bacon (or Mushroom and Avocado) butties!


Vegetarian breakfast butty

5. Can you guess personality from a person’s face? This study shows that people put serious weight on judgments of character based on facial structure alone.




6. These people are far better at Excel – and art – than we are. Check it out!


Mona Lisa done in Excel



7. When trying to find the answer to the rather more dry subject of ‘How big do Twitter tailored audiences need to be?’ we noted that the most searched ‘How big do…’ question was autocompleted to:


Micro Pigs

We then lost 5 minutes of our lives to micro pigs.



8. Event Organisers need these apps. We use them and reckon you should too.




9. The clocks went back and we took this beautiful shot from Noodle towers at 5pm one afternoon. We don’t mind it being dark early if it always looks this good.


photo (2)



10. Finally, it was Hallowe’en, and this porcupine REALLY loved his pumpkins.

See you at the end of November for more from the month 🙂


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