Cake of the Month: Honey Bees


This summer we were inspired by the workaholic honey bees buzzing around the lavender on our roof terrace but they’ve now sadly disappeared for the winter, so we checked out some of the loveliest looking bee cakes from round and about the world to honour them!

Bee in the lavender at Village Underground outside the Noodle Live offices


Here’s five bumbling treats for your perusal!

This bee hive cake is sweet as honey with the traditional beehive shape and ridged icing. This one’s actually banana flavoured, but don’t tell the bees… Bee Hive Cake

Recipe by


And then these little fellows really look the bizz, or is that buzz?! They’re vanilla cake and yellow and black fondant and white chocolate for the wings. Sweet! Fondant Bees Cake Pops

From: Midtown Sweets


This one looks VERY profesh! And a little read up on their website, shows that it was hiding a wonderful little secret too…

Baby Shower Bee Cake

Drea’s Dessert Factory


Don’t want a full cake? Decorate some bee buns and make them easy to share!

Bee bun cakes


Finally, our fave, taking inspiration from the bee-utiful honeycomb of the hive, this lemon cake is drizzled with honey. We really want that cake tin!

Lakeland Camel Bee Mould

Tanya Weaver's Honeycomb Cake Pan

Baking of a beekeeper

Right, now buzz off til next month!


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