Can I Have an Event App on My Budget?


Oh event apps – the stuff dreams are made of. They could help you to manage crowds at your event, offer improved networking opportunities for delegates, put an end to endless paper handouts and even help with live speaker Q&A sessions. But only #EventProfs with huge budgets can afford a great mobile event app. Right?


Our event apps start from just £200. Yep. You heard that right and what’s more, we’ve also got great ideas to help make your event app pay for itself. So how does it work?

Can I Have an Event App on a Small Budget?

Yes. We offer a couple of different options for our mobile event apps, so there’s something for every budget. In fact, our basic package starts at just £200.

Our basic apps are simple to set up and easy to use. They come off the shelf and are fully customizable so you can create a user experience that works for your event. In fact, we offer the most customizable apps in the business. Every single button can be turned off and on depending on what you want to offer.

Prices will vary according to the number of users, the features you choose, the branding options and also the level of support you need on the day. The apps are designed to be easy to use and access. Just ask your guests to log in to the Noodle Live app and search for your event. Once located the event will appear fully branded. We’ve made logging in as quick as possible with a simple 3 step process that takes an average of 30 seconds to complete.

The basic event app includes loads of great Noodle features, including real time updates and alerts, live polling and the ability to send live questions during speaker appearances. Delegates can also create personalised schedules or view schedules that have been created for them. Social media and instant messaging allows delegates and speakers to interact and network in real time.

I Have Zero Budget for Event Tech. Can I Still Have An App?

Worried about raising budget for your event app? Did you know that your app could actually pay for itself? Our apps offer great sponsorship possibilities so you can add value to existing sponsorship packages or attract new opportunities. The income you raise could easily cover the cost of your event tech package, so you don’t need to use money from your existing budget.

Bespoke Apps

But what if you want something a bit more tailored?

Well, if your budget allows, we can create you a specially designed, bespoke event app. We work with you to find out what goals you have for the overall event and then we create an app that will help you reach your targets and meet those goals.

Our bespoke app includes all of the features of our basic Noodle Live app but is totally white label, so it can be fully branded from before log-in and is tailored to you and your event needs. Guests can in directly to your branded app rather than going through the Noodle Live app.

We believe that event tech should be useful, so we don’t add any features to your app unless we think they’ll make life easier for you or your delegates or add to the overall event experience.

When you use one of our bespoke event apps you can work with a dedicated project manager who will be onsite during the event to make sure that everything runs smoothly. We can also help you to run your registration, making it as fast and efficient as possible.

How Can I Convince My Colleagues?

There’s a great business case for investing in a good event app, so you don’t need to look at it as extra spending or as a luxury item. Imagine offering your delegates venue maps, up to the minute travel information and agenda changes, contact details and delegate and speaker profiles all in one place. A dedicated news feed shows real-time updates about the event and you can send push notifications to individuals or to all delegates.

Forget paper handouts and programs. Our apps can store a range of documents including session notes and can even email them to delegates after the event so that they can look over them in their own time.

This All Sounds Good. What Now?

We’re here to help. Team Noodle love helping people find the best event tech for their needs. We’re geeky like that, but don’t hold it against us. We also love cups of tea and great chat, so feel free to give us a call or stop by Noodle Towers to find out more. Alternatively, we offer free event tech workshops to help you get the most from your tech.

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