Noodle Live’s Guide to a High Tech Halloween


We’re huge fans of Halloween at Noodle Live. Not only is it a great reason to put on silly costumes whilst we tinker with our latest event apps, we also love all the great geek toys and useless tech products that appear at this time of year too. From screaming doormats to flying witches, Halloween is a time when you’re allowed to play with toys and use tech at its most ridiculous. Here’s our pick of the best spooky tech on the market this year.

3D Printed Masks Of Your Own Face

3d printed masks

Forget selfies, why not imotalise the perfect pout and scare the bejesus out of all of your friends with a 3D printed mask version of your own face? Sanity. That’s why. These terrifying items from the bowels of hell are available from the folks at They also offer personalised action figures, Lego toys and mountable works of art, so you can terrify your friends in all kinds of new and exciting ways.
Wearable mask: $299

Home Science Project

oozing pumpkin halloween decoration

Pumpkin carving is for whimps (even though it’s surprisingly hard work and quite fiddly actually, but you know, whatever). These days you have to take your autumn squash to the next level with awesome special effects and a little amateur chemistry if you want to hang with the Halloween in-crowd. Amazing what a little baking soda and some vinegar can do.
Oozing pumpkin: Make Your Own

Host a Ghost

Host a ghost from Handy

Feeling daring? Don’t believe in any of that spooky mumbo jumbo? Ok, well then we dare you to host a ghost at your home this Halloween. Home services app Handy are offering to deliver ghostly plants from the legendary haunted gardens of historic Samlesbury Hall. Any client using the app can request a ‘potted poltergeist’, although they can’t guarantee that the ghost is definitely included.
Haunted shrubs: Free to selected Handy users

Zombify Yourself for Instagram


We were told to try the Corpse Cam app to create instant Zombie images of ourselves, but it turns out that Corpse Cam makes you look like an ageing Donald Trump after a nuclear attack, so we stuck with Masquerade which we’ve been big fans of for a while now. We reckon Team Noodle look pretty good as foxes, ice queens and cardboards boxes.
Masquerade or Corpse Cam: Both free in iTunes

Who You Looking At?

Creepy Doll Face T-Shirt

Oh us, you’re looking at us? Well we ought to rip that baby face right out of that creepy moving shirt. Keep your eyes straight ahead creepy baby.
Moving Doll Face T-Shirt: £20.99

Drone Ghosts

Drones and ghosts. Drones dressed as ghosts. Floating ghost like creatures powered by drones. What’s not to love?
Drone’s: Make your own using an affordable GoPro drone

Digital Decorations

digital Halloween decorations

Scare trick or treaters silly with this spooky DVD that is perfect for projecting onto your front door or an internal wall for animated decorations that move.
AtmosFearFX Digital Decorations DVD: $19.99

Bubbles With Fog Inside

bubble fogger halloween decoration

Bubbles are cool. Fog machines are cool. Why not combine them both? No reason whatsoever say the people at Bubble Fogger.
Bubble Fogger: £120

Free Flying Witches

remote control flying witch

These radio controlled witches fly through the air on remote control. There’s even a male witch version too. You know, because 2016. Men can be witches these days.
Remote Control Witch: $149

Get Predatory

LED Predator Costume

Forget any other Halloween costume. You can now dress up as Predator and glow in the dark. So, Halloween = done.
LED Predator Costume: Unknown Price

Scream The House Down

Halloween screaming doormat

This doormat is pressure sensitive, so one footstep and it releases blood-curdling sounds that are guaranteed to terrify anyone who comes to visit. Don’t forget to warn your Deliveroo driver.
Screaming Doormat: £10.99

Spooked out yet? If you see any great Halloween tech toys we would love then send them to us @NoodelLive. If you’re interested in learning more about our apps for events or any of other tech, then feel free to get in touch. We’re always down for a cup of tea and a chat (and we promise not to pull any Halloween pranks on you either).

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